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Labour History Project Bulletin 75, April 2019

April 2019 edition of the LHP Bulletin, with articles by Bill Bradford, John Shennan and Paul Maunder. It followed the recent terrorist attack on Muslims in Christchurch, on which the LHP released a statement (read it here).

Feature articles

Community and Union Organising — A short memoir from Bill Bradford
The Public Service Association and WWI — John Shennan
Brian Wood: A community-based historian — Paul Maunder


Heritage, Labour and the Working Classes — Reviewed by Paul Maunder
Bill Direen & Guests: M. J. Savage Song Cycle; World War 1, 2, 3; The Hospital Pass — Reviewed by Peter Clayworth
The Cooks and Stewards Union: A Memoir — Reviewed by Dan Bartlett


Raymond Frank Grover
Jane Paul