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Labour History Project Bulletin 77, November 2019

LHP Bulletin 77 (Winning Ways) is our special-themed November edition of the Bulletin.

Feature articles

‘The Battle for the Weekend – A Disputed New Zealand Institution’ by Peter Clayworth

‘Blackball 1908 Strike’ by Paul Maunder with Brian Wood

‘Taking on the Fast Food Companies and Winning’ by Mike Treen

‘The Success Behind Kua Tae Te Wā’, by Melissa Schwalger

‘Struggle at the Flaxroots’ by Te Whaea Ireland, interviewed by Paul Maunder

‘Sex workers Winning: The Fight for Decriminalisation in New Zealand’ by Caren Wilton

‘A Union Monopoly – The Key to Any Success’ by Graeme Clarke

‘Leverage and Organisation in the Struggle Against the Undervaluation of Care and Support Workers’ by John Ryall


Selections from this year’s International Film Festival reviewed by Claire-Louise McCurdy

The New Zealand International Film Festival 2019 – movies through a labour history lens reviewed by Peter Clayworth

The Future of Work reviewed by Ross Webb