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Labour History Project Bulletin

Reproduction of the first issue of the Trade Union History Project News.  Black text on white background as follows:

Trade Union History Project News
Bulletin No. 1 PO Box 12-312 Wellington October 1987

How it Began

Despite the work of Labour historians like Bert Roth, hte exiserence of a trade union library, the Dan Long library, and some histories and films commissioned by unions, a number of people still feel that a lot of union material is being neglected. Not only was much of it unrecorded at the time, but records of the past are not being preserved the death of old activists, with their memories unrecorded, and neglect and loss of written and visual records mean the movement is losing its own history.  The fact that Jock Barnes is elderly and ill seemed to make a film on hte watersiders Union 1946-51 a priority.  A number of unionists, after several discussions, brought prposals to a specially called meeting.
First Issue of the Labour History Project Bulletin

We publish the Labour History Project Bulletin three times a year, April, August and December. We publish articles, interviews, discussion and reviews. Back issues are available on our website four months after it is sent to subscribers.

  • Labour History Project Bulletin 82, September 2021
    The August Bulletin includes details of the Bert Roth Award and discussions of the New Zealand history curriculum. Feature Articles Resistance to Destructuring in the 1980s – Toby Borman Roger Middlemass Reflects Rewi Alley – Elspbeth Sandys Sharing Stories – Sam Orchard Just Transition Explored at Blackball Mayday Review Helen Kelly – Ross Webb
  • Labour History Project Bulletin 81, April 2021
    Features The 1980 Kinleith Strike – “Greatest Worker Victory” – Russell Campbell The end of post-war New Zealand and the 1980s -Jim McAloon Voices from the 1980s Unemployed Movement – Cybèle Locke in conversation with Jane Stevens and Sue Bradford The Feisty Feckin’ Full-time Feminists Take the Whole Damn Rosebush: Feminist songs we sang in 1980s Wellington – Claire-Louise McCurdy, Therese O’Connell, Marie Russell and Emma-Jean Kelly After Kinleith: The Federation of Labour and the challenges of the 1980s – Ross Webb From the 1980s into the Future – Syd Keepa, John Ryall, Rasela Mulitalo, Nadia Abu-Shanab (facilitator participant) and… Read More »Labour History Project Bulletin 81, April 2021
  • Labour History Project Bulletin 80, December 2020
    Feature articles Protest and politics in the Depression: Insights on the relationship of protest and politics during the Depression of 1930-35 – Malcolm McKinnon‘The Insupressible One’: The militant life of Patrick Hodgens Hickey (extract) – Peter ClayworthFilm Families and Friends: Creative Networks in a Precarious Industry – Helen BollingerLabouring under Labour – Bill Newson, Mike Treen, Bill Bradford and Graeme Clarke with Paul MaunderLabour History in Aotearoa New Zealand: A Reflection from 2020 – Cybèle Locke Reviews Towards a materialist theory of revenge – Paul MaunderThe Hamlet fire: a tragic story of cheap food, cheap government and cheap lives – Ross TeppettProtest… Read More »Labour History Project Bulletin 80, December 2020
  • Labour History Project Bulletin 79, August 2020
    Feature articles Member Organisers at the Heart of an Organising Union – John Ryall“A Rumour and a Legend” : The Rise and Fall of the Workers Communist League in Salient – Max NicholThe Making of an Alternative Theatre in the Provinces – Carol Dawber Reviews Without Bosses – Ross WebbA People’s History of Tennis – Ryan Bodman Obituaries Dean Parker – Mary Ellen O’Connor and David GrantDavid John Morgan – Chris Eichbaum
  • Labour History Project Bulletin 78, April 2020
    Feature articles Bright Stars, Comets and Union Activism – John RyallChristine Clarke (1954-1999) : Social Activist, Champion of the Underdog, Labour Martyr – Peter ClayworthThe History of a Riot: Class, Popular Protest and Violence in Early Colonial Nelson – Jared Davidson The Working Life of a Unionist – Ged O’Connell speaks with Paul MaunderThe History of Building Te Runanga in the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions – Syd Keepa speaks with Catherine Delahunty Reviews Helen Kelly – Together – Therese O’Connell and Claire-Louise McCurdyHelen Kelly – Together – Paul Maunder Harriet Morison: Fighting for Fairness – Claire-Louise McCurdy Obituaries Dick Scott – Mark DerbyGerry Hill –… Read More »Labour History Project Bulletin 78, April 2020

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