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Image of people parading in the rain.  The front is a hand painted banner saying 'without our brain and muscle not a single wheel will turn'. The background has other coloured banners and people playing accordians.
Procession to mark the 100th anniversary of the 1908 Blackball Strike


Seminar: ‘From Kinleith to the dole queue: workers’ struggles of the 1980s’

Bert Roth Award: Noel O’Hare, Tooth and Veil: The Life and Times of the New Zealand Dental Nurse, Massey University Press, 2020. Runner-up Mark Derby, Rock College: An Unofficial history of Mt Eden Prison, Massey University Press, 2020.

Talk: Rebecca Macfie editor of Helen Kelly: Her Life


Bert Roth Award: Winner Jared Davidson, Dead Letters: Censorship and subversion in New Zealand 1914-1920, Otago, 2019, Runner-up Tony Sutorius, Helen Kelly – Together.

Talk: Malcolm McKinnon, Cybèle Locke, and Sam Orchard, Politics in a Time of Crisis (LHP AGM)


Bert Roth Award: Winner: David Haines and Jonathan West, ‘Crew Cultures in the Tasman World’ in Francis Steele, ed., New Zealand and the Sea: Historical Perspectives (Wellington: Bridget Williams Books). Runner-up: Caren Wilton, My Body My Business: NZ Sex Workers in an Era of Change (Dunedin: Otago University Press)

Talk: Ross Webb and Caren Wilton, Wellington Museum (LHP AGM)

Seventh Rona Bailey Memorial Lecture: Dean Parker

Themed Bulletin: Winning Ways


Bert Roth Award: Winner: A Striking Truth, Helen McNeil, Cloud Ink Press. Runner-up: These Two Hands: a memoir, Renée, Mākaro Press

Talk: Campaigns for Wage Justice, Wellington Museum (LHP AGM)

Themed Bulletin: Pay Equity and Equal Employment Opportunity


Conference: Dissent and the First World War, with the Stout Centre

Sixth Rona Bailey Memorial Lecture: Therese O’Connell

Bert Roth Award: Poi E: The Story of our Song, directed by Tearepa Kahi, 2016

Talk: A Tale of Two Richards and a Therese: Labour 100 Archiving Project by Emma Jean Kelly (LHP AGM)

Inaugural Themed Bulletin: Precarious Work


Emma Jean Kelly appointed as the Labour 100 archivist for 2017

Seminar: People’s History Symposium – Precarious Work, Past, Present and Future, Wellington Museum with the National Library

Talk: Renters Resisting, Wellington Museum (LHP AGM)

Bert Roth Award: Pangaru in the City, Melissa Williams, Bridget Williams Books, 2015


Seminar: People’s History Symposium – Education in Aotearoa New Zealand – for freedom or conformity?, Wellington Museum with the National Library

Fifth Rona Bailey Memorial Lecture: Graeme Clark

Another World is Possible Essay Competition: Adam Driver (Over 19) and Alexandra Orr (Under 19)

Bert Roth Award: Nicholas Hoare ‘Imperial Dissenters: Anti-Colonial Voices in New Zealand, 1883-1945’, MA, Victoria University of Wellington.

LHP present at the ‘Disrupting the Narrative/Remember the Peacemakers’ exhibition, Wellington


Seminar: People’s History Symposium – Immigrant Workers, Wellington Museum and the National Library

Inaugural Bert Roth Award: Tragedy at Pike River Mine: How and why 29 Men died, Rebecca Macfie, Awa Press, 2013

Fifth Rona Bailey Memorial Lecture: Robert Consedine

Talk: Families of the 1951 Lockout by Grace Millar, Wellington Museum (LHP AGM)


Bert Roth Award for Labour History created

LHP Newsletter is replaced by the LHP Bulletin

Centennial: 1913 Strike parade, talks, People’s History symposium, exhibition

Publication: 1913 Strike: War on the Wharves walk booklet

Talk: Health, Safety, and ACC by Hazel Armstrong, Wellington Museum (LHP AGM)

Another World is Possible Essay Competition: Ciaran Doolin (winner), Jane Blaikie (runner-up) and Daisy Cadigan (Under 18)


Centennial: Remember Waihī – 1912 Strike conference, march and other events, with ALHG

Talk: Helen Kelly, Wellington City Library (LHP AGM)


Third Rona Bailey Memorial Lecture: Marianne Schultz

Seminar: What’s Left? (ALHP)


Seminar: Globalisation and Labour in the Pacific: Re-evaluating the 1890 Maritime Strike, with ALHG and others

Seminar: Archives and Industry: Perspectives from Labour History, with ARANZ

Talk: David Grant, Wellington City Library (LHP AGM)


Seminar: Working Women’s Charter (ALHP)

Second Rona Bailey Memorial Lecture: Dick Scott

Publication: Kiwi Companeros: New Zealand and the Spanish Civil War, Mark Derby (ed.) in association with the LHP, Canterbury University Press, Christchurch


The TUHP changes its name to the Labour History Project (LHP)

The Auckland Labour History Group (ALHG) is formed

Centennial: Blackball ’08 Centennial, including talks, parades, theatre and other events, Blackball

Seminar: Blackball ’08: Wellington

Seminar: 1968 – Year of Revolution?

Publication: Blood on the Coal: The Origins and Future of New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Scheme, Hazel Armstrong, Trade Union History Project, Wellington


Inaugural Rona Bailey Memorial Lecture: Reid

Seminar: The NZ Federation of Labour, 1937-1987 with the CTU


Seminar: New Zealand’s involvement in the Spanish Civil War, Wellington

Exhibition: Strike 1913: War on the Wharves, exhibition at the Museum of Wellington City and Sea

Publication: Revolution: The 1913 Great Strike in New Zealand, Melanie Nolan (ed.), Canterbury University Press, Christchurch

Publication: Words at Work: An annotated bibliography of New Zealand trade union literature, Paul  Corliss, Canterbury University Press, Christchurch


Seminar: Working People, Trade Unions and the Vietnam War


Publication: The Big Blue: snapshots of the 1951 waterfront lockout, David Grant (editor), Canterbury University Press, Christchurch


Conference: The 1913 Strike 100 Years On: a laboratory or a battleground of democracy?

Four white men sitting at tables.  There are posters on the wall behind them.
The 1913 seminar


Conference: Lockout ’51: fifty years on

Exhibition: 1951: lockout, strike, confrontation, in association with New Zealand Film Archive, commemorating the 1951 waterfront lockout and displayed at venues in Wellington, Auckland, Palmerston North and Dunedin

Film/Video: Gaylene Preston and John Bates: Archival videos recording the proceedings of the Lockout ’51 conference


Film/Video: Gaylene Preston: $5,000 grant to film documentary on Trade Union Women’s Choir Choir, Choir, Pants on Fire, plus promotional CD


Seminar: Celebration to Mark the 100th Anniversary of Paul Robeson’s Birth

Publication: She Dared to Speak: Connie Birchfield’s story, Maureen Birchfield, University of Otago Press, Dunedin

Film/Video: Gaylene Preston: archival video on seminar to commemorate the life of Max Bollinger


Seminar: Fifty Years of Struggle: the story of equal pay

Publication: Worker Holidays in New Zealand: a brief history, TUHP, Wellington

Publication: To Labour with the State: the Fiji Public Service Association, Jacqueline Leckie, University of Otago Press, Dunedin

Publication: Fifty Years of Struggle: the story of equal pay, TUHP, Wellington

Film/Video: Spiral Productions: $3,000 grant for documentary film on life of Irahapeti Ramsden, Something for My Grandchildren to Hold


Seminar: The PSA and the Lewin Years: personalities, influences and events

Publication: Disaster at Brunner: the coalmine tragedy at Brunnerton, New Zealand, Brian Wood, self-published, Greymouth


Seminar: A Commemoration of Max Bollinger’s Life


Seminar: Trade Unionism in the Era of Fintan Patrick Walsh

Film/Video: Vanguard Films and Gerd Polhman: $2,000 grant to transfer six documentary films on New Zealand labour history onto video


Seminar: The Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration Act

Publication: Pioneering New Zealand Labour History: essays in honour of Bert Roth, Pat Walsh (editor), Dunmore Press, Palmerston North

Publication: Trade Unions, Work and Society: the centenary of the arbitration system, Pat Walsh (editor), Dunmore Press, Palmerston North

Publication: Working Class Son: my fight against capitalism and war, Ron Smith, self-published, Wellington


Seminar: Dissenting New Zealand (featuring Rona Bailey)

Exhibition: Te Keiti E Mahi Ai (What Katy Did): Te Wahine Te Mahi (Women and Work) 1880s-1940s photographic exhibition at Wellington City Art Gallery and at Porirua, Auckland and Canterbury Public Libraries

Publication: From Wheelbarrow to Carryall: a story of some Public Works communities in New Zealand 1904-1956, Charles M. Herbert, TUHP, Wellington


Seminar: Bert Roth’s Contribution to Labour History

Publication: Through the Mill and Other Stories (2nd edition), Frank Collins, Dunmore Press, Palmerston North


Publication: Culture and the Labour Movement: essays in New Zealand labour history, John Martin and Kerry Taylor (editors), Dunmore Press, Palmerston North

Publication: Born of Hunger, Pain and Strife: 5o years of struggle against unemployment in New Zealand, Auckland Unemployed Rights Centre, Auckland


Conference: Culture and the Labour Movement (including a re-creation of the first Labour Day Parade in October 1890, an art exhibition and a film festival)

Exhibition: Art and Organised Labour, Wellington City Art Gallery (toured other centres subsequently)

Seaman’s Union Banner

Seminar: Development of Trade Unionism in New Zealand

Publication: Days of Action, Bert Roth, TUHP, Wellington

Publication: New Zealand Working People 1890-1990, Steven Eldred-Grigg, Dunmore Press, Palmerston North

Publication: The Forgotten Worker: the rural wage earner in nineteenth century New Zealand, John Martin, Allen and Unwin, Wellington

Film/Video: Shattered Dreams: video produced by Francis Wevers and Dean Parker dealing with New Zealand industrial history 1946-51 (with the help of two grants from the Short Film Fund of the New Zealand Film Commission)


Publication: Strike: trouble at t’mill (story of the 1899 Petone woollen workers’ strike), Barbara Fill, GP Books, Wellington


Exhibition: Woollen Workers’ Strike of 1899, Petone Settlers Museum

Seminar: Recording Oral History

Publication: Annotated Guide to the Archives of the New Zealand Federation of Labour 1937-1988, Cathy Marr (collator and editor), Dunmore Press, Palmerston North

Publication: The Lucifer: a story of industrial conflict in New Zealand in the 1930s, Dave Welch, Dunmore Press, Palmerston North


Film/Video: Paul Chalmers: $100 grant to videotape long-time union leader and activist Peter Purdue

Trade Union History Project (TUHP) founded